Silver Class (Year 6)

Hello and Welcome to Silver Class

Hi and Welcome to our page all about Silver Class!

We are a class of eight pupils and four adults in Year 6. The class teacher is Dan, supported by three Teaching Assistants – Jane, Beatrice and Colin. We are looking forward to an academic year full of fun and learning about a variety of different topics as well as focusing on developing Literacy and Numeracy skills.

Autumn Term

This term our topic is That’s Life in which we learn about lots of different aspects of living and growing. In our art and DT sessions we will be exploring animations and how to make moving pictures. We are also looking at the body and how it is made so will be making some skeletons! Additionally we will see how animals are different and have a variety of textures and colours depending on where they live and what they do. We will use materials to reflect these differences and make some sensory animal cut outs for our display. In music we will be learning about sequences of notes and sounds. We will focus mainly on body percussion and how the body can be used as an instrument. Once confident trying out different sounds we will use a grid to place pictures showing the sounds and then play these sequences for our class mates.

In our Knowledge and Understanding sessions we will be busy learning more about the science of the human body – naming the different parts and seeing how they work together. Linked with this in History we will be looking at medical equipment through the years, with a focus on the work of Florence Nightingale (the Lady of the Lamp) who worked in the Crimean War to advance medical care of injured soldiers. We will look at modern medical equipment and role play how it might be used to help people. In Geography we will look at transport and how we get around in the modern age, including by air and by sea. In RE we are looking at how food features in many different festivals and rituals in different religions. In addition to this in DT we will learn how to make bread and how yeast is an important part of the process in most of what we have today (although we will also look at flat breads).

Our PE topic is about Dance and moving the body in time to a rhythm. We hope to have fun finding some favourite music and adding our own moves to it! In PSHE we talk about the importance of a balanced diet and how healthy choices are vital to living well.

We will continue to have input from SALT for all pupils and music therapy on a rotational basis. All the pupils have been enjoying swimming this term and are becoming more confident in being in and moving around the pool.

We look forward to sharing the pupils work with each of you at parents sessions and invite all parents to access the Evidence for Learning app, where you can view daily and weekly updates of your pupil’s progress. If unsure how to access this, please let me know and we can arrange for information to be sent to you.