Healthy Living

Welcome to healthy living.

At Haymerle School we believe that a healthy lifestyle forms an important part of our pupils’ development. We engage the pupils in many physical activities including the use of our Gym, Soft Play area, outdoor spaces and swimming sessions. We also have weekly Yoga sessions for our pupils, on a rotation basis. We are also involved in a project called Walk on Wednesdays. Our pupils are engaged in weekly PE Sessions and we also have additional PE Booster sessions.

We provide opportunities for our pupils to make healthy choices e.g. by offering healthy alternatives at snack time.

If you have any concerns about healthy living and your child, please contact your child’s class teacher.


Please also follow this link for more information on Change 4 Life, full of useful information and handy tips on how to keep healthy.




Tesco has released some great videos to teach children about healthy foods under their ‘Eat Happy Project’. These are great resources to discuss the issue of healthy eating with your child. To access the full range of videos, please click this link: Eat Happy Project. Please see some of the videos below.